Feb 15, 2013

뇌물은 회사 내 다른 부정과 탈법과 이어진다: 미국 SEC 위원장인 Elisse Walter의 연설

미국 SEC 위원장인 Elisse Walter가 전세계 수사기관들이 모여 벌인 Foreign Bribery and Corruption Training Conference에서 행한 연설의 일부분으로, 뇌물과 부정부패가 그 기업에 어떤 나쁜 영향을 미치는지를 설명하는 대목이다.

Bribery and other corrupt practices may result in accounting fraud and falsified disclosures where shareholders are not getting an accurate picture of a company’s finances in their regulatory filings.  Bribery means losing control of – or deliberately falsifying – books and records.  Often, key executives or board members are kept in the dark, limiting their ability to make informed decisions about the company’s business. Obviously, engaging in corrupt practices means weakening or circumventing internal control mechanisms, leaving a company less able to detect and end not just corruption but other questionable practices.

SEC Speech: Opening Remarks at Foreign Bribery and Corruption Training Conference, by Chairman Elisse Walter, on February 11, 2013: (http://www.sec.gov/news/speech/2013/spch021113ebw.htm)

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